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November 2013
Filling the Center of the Plate

Rising commodity costs for beef and the desire to differentiate are leading menu developers and chefs to alternate protein choices. The latest star is pork, reports Technomic, but lamb, duck, game and some specialty meats are also moving to the center of the plate. Vegetarian proteins are getting more play on mainstream menus, too. View more 2014 meat trends.

On-Trend Recipe
Lamb Chops Saltimbocca with Parsnips and Roasted Jus
Executive Chef Nicholas Stefanelli
Bibiana Osteria Enoteca
Washington, DC

Double lamb chops make an impressive entrée, especially when the preparation is a few steps up from broiling or grilling. Chef Stefanelli wraps the chops with prosciutto before sautéing and separately roasts the trimmings from the chops. These are roasted with garlic and shallots as the base for a flavorful jus; lightly browned parsnips complete the plate. Although lamb racks are a more expensive cut, these extra elements add enough value and finesse to the dish to justify a higher menu price.

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On-Trend Recipe
Lola's Lechon Slow Roasted Pork Loin
Chef-owner Bill Kim
Belly Shack
Chicago, Ill.

Ethnic pork preparations are gaining entrée status on menus. Chef Bill Kim was inspired by his wife's Puerto Rican heritage and the home cooking of her mother, Lola, in creating this special dish served at Belly Shack. The pork loin is marinated overnight in spices and wine, then slow roasted in the oven. Chimichurri sauce adds a burst of color and bright acidity. Kim often plates the pork with coconut curry basmati rice and Chinese broccoli as sides.

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Idaho® Potato J&B Hash with Braised Beef Shortribs

Looking for an unusual twist for your hash? Try Idaho® Potatoes, delicious braised shortribs, and sunnyside up eggs to create this tasty dish. For this and more great recipes, please visit foodservice.idahopotato.com/recipes.

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On-Trend Recipe
Grasing Duck and Wild Rice
Chef Kurt Grasing
Grasing's Coastal Cuisine
Carmel, Calif.

Duck is a protein that has attributes of both red meat and poultry. To maximize its flavor and texture, chef Grasing braises the leg sections in a complex housemade duck stock and sears then roasts the breast. The contrast between the tender, succulent leg and the rosy, crisp-skinned breast makes for a dish that appeals to the eye and the palate.

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On-Trend Recipe
Pheasant with Cranberry Gel, Braised Radicchio and Black Cardamom Streusel
Executive Chef Justin Carlisle
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Domestically raised pheasant is readily available for food service and makes an interesting alternative to chicken. The birds can be simply roasted and plated or gussied up with sauces and garnishes, as chef Carlisle does in this recipe. He starts by deboning the pheasants and then cooking the meat sous vide for a tender, juicy end result.

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PHILLY Brings Sweet Savings This Season

Cozy up to holiday savings & the comforting flavor of Cranberry-Orange Cheesecake Bread Pudding. Celebrate this holiday-inspired Challah bread pudding made with PHILADELPHIA Cheesecake Batter & topped with a vanilla-orange sauce. Click here for rebate & recipes.

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On-Trend Recipe
Pancetta-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Polenta
Chef Tyler Sailsbery
The Black Sheep Restaurant
Whitewater, Wisc.

Boneless pork tenderloin is a cut with excellent yield, making it a cost-effective center-of-the-plate choice. Chef Sailsbery wraps the meat in pancetta to seal in the juices during cooking, then serves the pork with tart apricots and pomegranates for contrast. A side of polenta completes the hearty seasonal dish.

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On-Trend Recipe
Walnut-Crusted Tofu
Chef Joe Boggioni
Cleveland, Ohio

Tofu is most often seen as a component of Asian stir-fry recipes, but it can stand on its own as a meatless entrée when treated with bold touches. Here, chef Boggioni coats the bean curd with toasted walnuts and coffee for textural and flavor interest, then jazzes up the mix with fresh basil, poblanos and roasted red peppers. Zucchini and potatoes add heft to this vegetarian dish.

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Southwestern Beef Tips over Mexican Rice

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